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Boat Hair Don't Care - the weekend ladies tank

Price: $19.99

Boat Care Don’t Care - The Weekend. The weekend says it so go ahead and live it!  This Next Level Tri-Blend Tank is equally fun whether you are blazing across the water on a bitchin&r ...

Boat Cleaning
Teak Wonder Dressing and Sealer 4 liter

Price: $63.90

$78.67 for 1x 4 liter can of Teak Wonder Dressing and Sealer.  Order three or more and shipping is free!  Great services and great pricing can exist in the same place.  Our passio ...

Boating Reviews
SeaHunter 45 Tournament

Price: Call for Apointments

The Sea Hunter 45 is an experience in perfection, serious business, serious fun and so many more superlatives that it would take up all of the space here. If you aren't familiar with Sea Hunter alread ...

Yacht Surface Restoration Teak Cleaner Review

Price: $24.99

The Story:

The bane of a boater's existence (if there is such a thing as a bane with boating) may be cleaning the teak. I remember my fist experience at it. The boat was a 1984 Ba ...

Dock Line/Fenders/Docking Equipment
Prostock Marine PF7 Inflatable Fender PF-7 18x60

Price: $291 Call for Avid $

ProStock Marine Extreme Welded Fender.18".dia. x 60" long, (46cm x 152cm). Prostock Marine Inflatable fenders carry a 5 year warranty. PF-7 Prostock Marine Inflatable Fenders are WELDE ...

Prostock Marine Suction Cleat SC1001

Price: $59. Call for Avid $$

p Suction Cleat fro temp tying to the side of your boat. Works Great! We have been selling these for years!! 12-1 2" (latch unlocked) 13-1 2" (latch locked), 2-3 4" height, 6-1 2" cleat lengh, 4-1 ...
Fishing Equipment
Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0

Price: $199.99

Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0 can be cast to any spot in the water. It floats on the water surface and transmits detailed bottom and water column information – depth, bottom structure, tempe ...

Deeper Smart Fishfinder PRO Plus

Price: $239.99

Wireless, castable Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ is the best of its series. It uses Wi-Fi connection to transfer more accurate data to your smartphone or tablet. Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ contains a hig ...

Deeper Night Fishing Cover

Price: $12.40

The Deeper Night Fishing Cover is engineered specifically for Deeper Smart Fishfinder and Deeper Smart Sonars to maximize a device functionality and enable its usage at night. The Night Fishing ...

Deeper FLACC01 Flexible Arm Mount

Price: $99.00

Call for best buy now price.  Flexible Arm Mount adjusts to a variety of angles. Universal ¼ 20” (quarter twenty) screw makes it compatible with track rail systems and mounting ...