Hello Avid Boater!

We are now offering boat parts and accessories for sale online!  Over 20,000 parts are ready to ship today! 





A new AvidBoater.com site is in development and should be live by the end of January. The new avidboater.com is going to have many features including; videos, vlog and blog content, Avid Boater reviews, user submitted reviews, boat business search, new and much improved boat parts sales interface a new boating classifieds department and much more.  

If you have not yet signed up, please do at the bottom of this page or the opening page pop up.  We are going to be offering up new boating products to give out, and will keep you up to date on the new boating items we review, boating places we visit and experience and much more!!

AvidBoater.com was founded in July 2005 and stems from an absolute love and passion for boating recreation. The site has been used mainly to advertise boats for sale and now we have parts and accessories. We have over 30000 marine related parts and accessories available for shipping today.  Please call 614-565-9627 or email support@avidboater.com for a quote on anything you need for your boat.  Inclunding a new one! 

The goal is to provide a great experience and deliver a competitive price for all of your boating needs.

I'm available via mobile phone at 614-565-9627 an Ohio number but I am located in South Florida. 

Boating is a true love and I want to help you get on the water as easily as possible. I have recently decided to offer boat parts online after having been selling through retail shops for many years. If you have any questions please ask me via email, phone or even SMS. 

I will be adding parts to the site continually but since I have 1000's of parts available this will take some time. If you are looking for something boat related, chances are I can get it so please send me an email or text. If it is an item I can get it it will be a great price.

If you will buy your boat parts from me, I can continue to go out boating and in return I will sell them to you at a great price and help out any way that I can.

Thanks for visiting!

Ryan Albertson