Spotless Stainless Review Spotless Stainless Cleaner

Name: Ryan Albertson
Location: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
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Spotless Stainless Review Spotless Stainless Cleaner

Year: 2016
Make: Spotless
Model: Stainless
Price: See Dealer

4-14-2016 Spotless Stainless Review.

I had heard about Spotless Stainless cleaner from some avid boaters that I have met along the way. They claim fantastic things about this product. They say it is super easy to use and it works AMAZINGLY well. These boaters have talked about it so adamantly that I decided to try it on the old Robalo as the first official item that we review and report on.

In case you don't want to read the entire article, I will say it now. Take The Avid Boaters claim to the bank! This stuff is amazing! It is beyond easy to use.  

Read the directions wait thirty minutes and be prepared to have your mind blown. We got a pint of the Spotless Stainless cleaner, a paint cup and a $.50 brush and off to the boat we went. The boat is 40 years old and it hasn't led a life in a boathouse to say the least. Although she is nice for her age there is some surface rust showing on all of the leading edges of the bow rails. The swim ladder is fairly nasty with surface rust as well as all of the normal rust around the screws and various stainless pieces.

1. Brushed on the product

2. Keep it wet (we kept brushing on more product but then switched to water)

3. Rinsed it off about 30 minutes later

4. Mind Blown.

The boaters were right, it Spotless Stainless cleaner is amazing, it is easy and it works to the tee. I splattered the stuff all over my shorts and It did end up staining though. I did not use gloves and had no irritation (maybe that was just me). Spotless Stainless didn't have an offensive smell and it washed right off the surfaces that it was applied to. If you have rusty stainless, buy this Spotless Stainless cleaner, use it and you will be happy with the results.

Keep checking back for more reviews. We are sure to find some duds along the way but Spotless Stainless is not one of them.

The following is from the Spotless Stainless Website:

1. Spotless Stainless removes the rust (iron oxide) and surface iron that causes rust. 2. After rinsing away Spotless Stainless an oxidation process begins with the exposed chromium in the stainless steel to form Chromium Oxide. 3. Chromium oxide is what protects stainless steel and makes stainless steel stain less. 4. Spotless Stainless is environmentally friendly (No Phosphoric Acid - No Phosphates) removes rust and restores Stainless Steel's protective layer.