Yacht Surface Restoration Teak Cleaner Review

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Yacht Surface Restoration Teak Cleaner Review

Year: 2016
Make: Yacht Surface Restoration
Model: Teak Cleaner
Price: $24.99 U.S. Dollars
Location: Fort Lauderdale

The Story:

The bane of a boater's existence (if there is such a thing as a bane with boating) may be cleaning the teak. I remember my fist experience at it. The boat was a 1984 Bayliner 1950 Capri that had a couple teak step pads on the gunnels. I picked up a teak cleaning kit from a local dealer, removed the pads and went to the kitchen sink. The burning sensation on my hands nor the caustic smell of that teak-cleaning product will never be forgotten, that was my first boat and it was 1997

Fast forward to 2012, I had just entered into the private motor yacht supplies business and low and behold they are using the same nasty cleaning agents. Enter Yacht Surface Restoration and founder Jonathan Broughton. This guy takes cleaning boats to a level some may say is madness. To those who use his products they say its genius. Sometimes that is hard to define but Jonathan knows his stuff and his new teak cleaner, which is unimaginatively called Teak Cleaner, is the real deal. The product is on its second year to market after spending over a year of field-testing and perfecting.

The Product:

Teak Cleaner is a powder of medium sized granules that look like oxyclean. It comes in 2lb and 8lb containers. The product goes a long way when it is diluted 1 cup to 1-gallon ratio and the product will go 600 sq/ft they say.

The Application:

The old Robalo with its 40-year-old teak was our test bed. We used as directed on the container, mixing in a cup to about a gallon of water till it was diluted. Wetted the teak and applied the cleaner using a doodlebug pad from 3M. After sitting for about ten or so minutes we scrubbed it a bit and then sprayed it off. After drying in the sun, we took some photos and you can see the results.


I have the fortunate position of having used the product several times before so it was extra easy for me but still no less impressive. I have used it in both directed forms, diluted and sprinkled directly on the deck. There is truly a minimal amount of effort needed to make this stuff work. I spent more time driving to the storage yard then this process took.


  • Wet the teak
  • Apply it diluted or directly if it is really dirty
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes while keeping the teak wet
  • Spray off
  • Be a teak cleaning HERO
  • Have celebratory beverage

If you have any questions I am available by phone as often I possible.

Thank you and Happy Boating!